Pharmacy Services Administration

Ventegra is a pioneer in the facilitation of Pharmacy Services Administration (PSA). Unlike a traditional Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), Ventegra enables our clients to manage their own pharmacy benefit program by eliminating hidden spreads and offering an a la carte menu of services and programs from which to choose.

  • Pharmaceutical Contracts and Rebates

    Ventegra offers a robust portfolio of Commercial, Managed Medicaid and Medicare pharmaceutical discounts and rebates. Ventegra's integrity to both clients and the pharmaceutical industry along with our, proprietary and flexible rebate processing engine, Robo-Rebate℠ allows payors, providers and vendors to view discounts from various perspectives, validate and monitor pharmacy claims, and minimize the need for costly audits.

  • Acquisition Cost-Based Pharmacy Provider Network

    Unlike traditional PBM’s, Ventegra's program offers payors the ACTUAL NET COST (patent pending) of brand and generic pharmaceutical products, after discounts, rebates and other incentives. Unlike PBM’s, the Ventegra ACI-based PSA solution provides payors with the assurance that what is billed to them is what was paid to the pharmacy.

  • Clinical Programs and Formulary Support & Guidance

    We offer the necessary tools and supporting infrastructure to empower our clients to develop their own formularies and guidelines. For those who prefer help with a custom formulary, our experts can accommodate any request.

  • Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)

    Ventegra’s CMM solution is a proprietary system with the ability to use pharmacy and medical claims data to identify high risk members and alert health plan coordinators of opportunities to improve care. Ventegra offers processes that are tailored to each client to achieve plan-specific goals and address regulatory compliance.

  • Specialty

    At Ventegra, our solution addresses a wide scope of injectables including the appropriate use of specialty, chemotherapy, blood products, office-based injections, home infusion and hospital. Ventegra is a proponent of an integrated approach to healthcare management, and our portfolio of PSA services will enable you to more fully address the injectable challenge.

  • Pharmacy Benefit Design

    We provide insight and options to help guide the development of an efficient and effective pharmacy benefit program with the right alternatives for your membership.

  • Claims Processing

    Pharmacy claims processing is available and can be offered alongside a robust retail pharmacy network from a menu of selected providers.

  • 340B

    V340B, the Ventegra 340B program, is a “Covered Entity-Centric” solution that ensures awareness and compliance of ever-changing 340B regulations for our clients.

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