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Acquisition Cost-Based Mail Service (ACMS)

Helping Clients Reduce and Control Drug Benefit Costs

Mail Service at true cost! Available now through Ventegra's Acquisition Cost-Based Mail Service (ACMS). With true transparency on contracted purchases of brand and generic drugs, payors always know the actual cost for their prescriptions. Unlike PBM’s, the Ventegra ACI-based ACMS solution provides payors with the assurance that what is billed to them is what was paid to the mail service pharmacy.

Ventegra's Mail Service partners provide a clear pricing structure for their dispensing services. As a member of Ventegra, fees paid for dispensing are reduced as total Ventegra volume increases, even if your organization's volume is constant.

Ventegra is a Pharmacy Services Administrator (PSA) representing payors, providers, PBMs and government entities as their fully transparent contracting arm. By participating in Ventegra's ACMS, we can reduce and control your drug benefit costs. Our mail service passes through all discounts from drug companies, thus significantly reducing your acquisition costs. Other than the actual acquisition cost of the drug, the only additional cost is a reasonable dispensing fee. Ventegra offers a clear and easy way to save on every order.

Choose only the services that add business benefits.

If you prefer, Ventegra also offers complementary services such as branding, formulary, and therapeutic interchange on a fee-for-service basis, and without any hidden charges. There is never a need to purchase a package of services with Ventegra's ACMS. We listen and respond to your business needs.

Ventegra operates within three Safe Harbors. Our clients know that their savings are fully compliant with the federal rules and regulations. Most importantly, our experienced professionals provide the highest quality service.

Regarding formularies, our clients maintain the choice to use their own or Ventegra's with the option to tailor it to fit changing needs. The same high level of service is provided whether it's the client's formulary or Ventegra's.

Ventegra combines ACMS with true transparency, so everyone benefits. Let us show you how Ventegra's truth and integrity can work for you.

Acquisition Cost Index Pharmacy Network (ACIPN)

As part of Ventegra’s next generation pharmacy benefit administrator, included in our suite of products we offer our clients access to over 68,000 chain and independent pharmacies nationwide for their members. Our network is the first in the market to benchmark itself off of an innovative reimbursement approach, the Acquisition Cost Index (ACI, patent pending), that reimburses pharmacies based off current market conditions. Our network adapts to all copayment structures and is available to all lines of business.

If you are pharmacy and would like to join our network, please click here and we can get you enrolled!

Ventegra Acquisition Cost Index (VACI)

As a solution to current PBMs constantly changing and antiquated reimbursement strategies like MAC, WAC or AWP, Ventegra has developed and implemented a true differentiator, the Acquisition Cost Index (ACI, patent pending). With lack of confidence in the reliability of WAC or AWP pricing, it was imperative to develop a product that represented Ventegra as an organization and was in line with our organizations transparent product offering. The solution, a reimbursement index that accounts for drug acquisition cost in combination with real time product availability in the marketplace. This combined with a professional fee puts emphasis where it should be, out of the PBM and back into the pharmacy to offer the best point of care for members. The ACI (patent pending) is a true market innovator in that it receives electronic feeds from wholesalers and pharmacies and calculates reimbursements based off of acquisition price and availability and, is then regenerated every 24 hours. Unlike PBM’s, the Ventegra ACI-based PSA solution provides payors with the assurance that what is billed to them is what was paid to the pharmacy. It is a leader in acquisition priced calculation methodologies that can be used across all lines of business. It is the foundation for the Ventegra Pharmacy Network and is also a viable solution to Health Plans and payers attempting to manage fluctuating reimbursement strategies within their own system.

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