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Ventegra is derived from two Latin words: veritas (truth) and integritas (integrity). TRUTH and INTEGRITY is more than just our business strategy,
it is our promise.

Why Ventegra?

The Better Solution

Ventegra was formed to address one of the primary challenges confronting healthcare today... infrastructure inertia. This inertia has created numerous opportunities for Ventegra to improve efficiencies, lower costs, improve quality of care and provide innovative solutions.

Ventegra is an innovative solution for cost-efficient pharmaceutical services that clearly maximizes the benefits for payors, providers and patients. We understand the unique needs and concerns of employers, managed care organizations (MCOs), providers (both pharmacy and medical), trade organizations and pharmaceutical vendors to improve the way drug benefits are designed, provided and managed. At Ventegra, our dedicated team of professionals brings together decades of combined skills and experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in order to help our clients improve efficiencies, lower costs, and improve the overall quality of care.

Ventegra's Robo-Rebate℠ pharmaceutical contracting solution provides an honest, transparent approach that allows our clients to see real cost savings. Payors are placed in control of managing costs and providing outstanding value to beneficiaries.

As a Pharmacy Services Administrator (PSA), Ventegra delivers much more than traditional PBMs or group purchasing organizations. Starting with contracting and pharmacy benefit administration services, Ventegra provides a new channel through which pharmaceutical services are delivered in a more transparent and efficient manner. For example, unlike PBM’s, the Ventegra acquisition cost-based PSA solution provides payors with the assurance that what is billed to them is what was paid to the pharmacy.

Let us show you how Ventegra's TRUTH and INTEGRITY can work for you