CMPP Enrollment

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Download and complete the enrollment form.


Return the completed form to your Costco pharmacist.

Why Join?

The Costco Member Prescription Program may provide eligible Costco members lower costs on prescription drugs. By enrolling in the program, Costco members, who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover the prescribed medication, may pay less for certain prescriptions than what they would otherwise pay at a Costco Pharmacy for the same drug or a therapeutically equivalent alternative drug.

Who is eligible to join?

Enrollment in the program is open to Costco members (and their dependents) who do not have prescription drug coverage available, or who are insured but their insurance does not cover all of their prescriptions. Any uninsured participant who later obtains any form of prescription drug insurance must inform Costco, and his or her participation in the program will be canceled, unless the insurance does not cover the medication prescribed.

How much will I pay?

There is no additional charge for Costco members to participate in the Costco Member Prescription Program. Customers who are not members of Costco must join Costco at any membership level to participate in the program. Costco membership provides many benefits, including the ability to benefit from value-added services such as the program.

How much will I save?

Beginning with your first prescription after enrollment, the amount of any price reduction is determined at the time of purchase, based on financial arrangements with manufacturers and suppliers regarding the drug(s) dispensed, and/or on Costco’s net cost of purchasing certain drugs, both of which may change from time to time. Savings are estimated between 2% and 80%, and calculated at the time of sale. You are welcome to ask your pharmacist about the amount of your savings under the program when you purchase a prescription. You also may provide your pharmacist with another drug discount card or program and ask whether that card or program would provide greater savings than the Costco Member Prescription Program.

Is this program available at any Costco Pharmacy?

The pricing available through the program applies at all participating Costco locations. For a list of participating Costco Pharmacies near you and any member inquiries, please call Costco at 1-800-806-0129.