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Third-party Administrators

Create your own private label pharmacy benefit solution and easily manage clients' needs.

Third-party administrators (TPAs) and their clients benefit from our innovative Pharmacy Services Administration (PSA) program that guarantees unparalleled transparency into prescription costs, rebates and data. With Ventegra, TPAs have the ability to private label all services, and our turnkey solutions streamline client management and PBM administration.

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Offer your own PBM by taking full advantage of private label opportunities with Ventegra.

Through this program, clients can provide solutions unique to their members and open the door to substantial growth at lower cost and higher revenue. Ventegra's flexible approach is adept at developing competitive strategies for private label clients in this quickly evolving market segment.

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Track rebate growth and savings with true transparency.

With Robo-Rebate®, Ventegra's propriety rebate service tool, clients are guaranteed transparent insight into their rebates, data, and discounts. Robo-Rebate allows clients to fully maximize savings and quality of care through improved formulary administration when compared to traditional PBMs.

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Ventegra's innovative acquisition cost-based reimbursement approach does away with antiquated reimbursement practices.

Our network is the first and the largest in the nation to benchmark itself off our patented Acquisition Cost Index (ACI), that reimburses pharmacies based on current market conditions and drug costs. This system provides our clients with the assurance that what is billed is what was paid to the pharmacy.

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As a Certified B Corporation, Ventegra ensures that our mission to contribute to social good is cemented into our corporate foundation.

This status offers our clients stability and consistency in an investment-driven marketplace, as well as the assurance that all our financial decisions are in their best interest. We aim to work with our clients to implement leading-edge initiatives that allow them to offer a program that benefits not only stakeholders, but also society as a whole.

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In order to help ease and expedite client integration and management, Ventegra provides TPAs with turnkey PBM solutions.

Our PBM engine eliminates all TPA hurdles through proprietary interfaces in order to maximize innovation and growth. Implement PBM programs seamlessly with minimal start-up cost.

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Ventegra recognizes non-exclusivity as being key to preserving goal alignment in our relationships with our clients.

As a result, all our contracts include non-exclusivity and "without cause" termination clauses. Our philosophy is that if our clients don't believe we're providing them with the best service at the lowest cost, they should be free to pursue other options.

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Ventegra would love to help you gain efficiencies, lower costs, and improve the overall quality of care. Our sales team will gladly answer questions you have and share more about our flexible, innovative solutions. Give us a call at (858) 551-8111 or complete the form, click submit, and we'll reach out to you.

The Benefits of Working With Us

Our dedicated team of professionals brings together decades of combined skills and experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in order to help our clients gain efficiencies, lower costs, and improve the overall quality of care.



Ventegra is derived from two Latin words: veritas (truth) and integritas (integrity). It is more than the name of our company. It is HOW we do business.


Our open and honest approach to business enables our clients and business partners to track growth and savings with true transparency.

Improved Performance

Our innovative solutions and highly-skilled, dedicated team allow our clients to realize cost-savings, full compliance and improved health outcomes.

Flexibility & Control

We know one-size does not fit all. We listen and respond to your business, creating comprehensive and innovative solutions that are customized to work for you and those you serve.

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