Ventegra is derived from two Latin words: veritas (truth) and integritas (integrity). TRUTH and INTEGRITY is more than just our business strategy,
it is our promise.

Non-Profit and Government Entities

Ventegra’s solutions provide flexibility and total transparency.

Ventegra excels at working with non-profit and government entities to provide unique and custom cost-saving ways to provide programs and services for their patients. As a Pharmacy Services Administrator (PSA), we have greater flexibility and access to more cost-effective programs than a traditional Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). Our subject matter experts will ensure compliance with pharmaceutical manufacturer requirements, federal Safe Harbors, and state regulations.

By selecting Ventegra as your Pharmacy Services Administrator, we will work together to provide the members of your community with exceptional coverage. And, you will be part of the solution to combat today’s rising healthcare costs.

Read about how Ventegra’s custom 340B pharmacy network saved Los Angeles County $24 million in 2018

As a certified Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), Ventegra’s goal is to benefit our society as a whole by changing the way pharmacy and medical benefits are administered, and ensuring continued access to important pharmaceuticals for the uninsured and under-insured. Together we can create a solution that will transform the way your community members view health care!

Let us show you how Ventegra's TRUTH and INTEGRITY can work for you