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At Ventegra, we work closely with our clients, strategic partners and industry-leading professionals to help our clients improve efficiencies, lower costs, and improve the overall quality of care. One way we do that is through the following advisory committees.

STOP Committee

The purpose and scope of this collaborative Strategies, Tactics, and Opportunities (STOP) committee is to engage our clients in discussions to ensure that Ventegra is representing the needs of our clients and their patients/members when contracting for pharmaceutical discounts and providing our services.

The STOP Committee discusses current proposed discounts, current and new Ventegra programs, and relevant topics, and is comprised of eight to ten managed care thought leaders who are clients of Ventegra. These thought leaders represent at-risk medical groups, integrated care systems, health plans and hospitals that exemplify a patient-focused approach to healthcare. With the STOP Committee, efficacy, safety and outcomes is always primary, but is also focused on the cost of drugs and how Ventegra can provide the best value by balancing clinical outcomes against costs.

The Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC)

A cornerstone of Ventegra’s Clinical Program is the professional guidance it receives through its Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC, consisting of experienced professionals, serves as an advisory body to Ventegra, our clients, and strategic partners by providing consultation regarding drug formularies, medication policies and clinical programs associated with formulary selection. CAC’s overarching mission is to promote safe, cost-effective, and quality drug therapy that appropriately reflects community and national standards of practice.

The CAC meets quarterly and ad hoc to provide Ventegra, their clients, and strategic partners essential consultation support, often reviewing, analyzing and interpreting the significance of ongoing and newly implemented drug formularies, preferred drugs, and clinical programs associated with formulary selection.

CAC Membership

The CAC membership is by invitation and includes Ventegra staff and external members who provide a broad range of pharmacy and medical practice input. External members include representatives or their designees of Ventegra’s clients and strategic partners. Each external member has one vote. The Ventegra staff members are non-voting members.

CAC Roles and Duties

The role of the CAC member is to assist the committee in meeting its responsibilities and fulfill specific duties including:

  • Attend and actively participate in committee meetings in person or via web conference or teleconference.
  • Participate in ad hoc Committee meetings and scheduled Subcommittee meetings, as necessary, usually conducted telephonically.
  • Provide expert consultation regarding formulary drug selection, formulary-related guidelines and clinical programs, and other drug therapy issues.
  • Review and approve Ventegra formularies and preferred drug lists.
  • Review and analyze clinical information regarding the safety and efficacy of a drug or therapeutic class, pharmacoeconomic and utilization studies, health outcomes research data, and drug trends to determine appropriate drug therapies and alternative interventions.
  • Such review will encompass and integrate (as pertinent) all types of drugs including, but not limited to, prescription pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter drugs, injectable agents, and homeopathic/neutraceutical remedies of clinical value.
  • Review and analyze cost data related to the drugs and therapeutic classes under consideration to meet the clinical and business needs of Ventegra and our clients and strategic partners.
  • Review and evaluate Ventegra’s clinical programs, quality initiatives and other clinical interventions related to selection of formulary drugs or preferred agents.

CAC Member Compensation

Members receive compensation for participation in Committee meetings and related consultative services. Ventegra does not offer members payment incentives based on drug reviews or formulary or drug therapy decisions.