“Ventegra was born out of the realization that the current health care environment has a lot of infrastructure inertia.”

Robert Taketomo, PharmD
Ventegra’s President and CEO

Our History

A brief history of Robert T. Taketomo and Ventegra

After working as a pharmacist in non-profit environments, primarily hospitals like the Veteran’s Administration, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, St. Francis Medical Center, and Saint John’s Health Center, Robert T. Taketomo, PharmD, MBA, made a move to managed care, and a for-profit mentality that included stints at FHP, PacifiCare, and Health Net. After seven years on the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) side, and three years on the health plan side, Bob became somewhat disillusioned about where healthcare was headed in the United States.

After 26 years as a pharmacist, Bob recognized that some of the current managed care systems are experiencing the tough challenge of balancing the need of meeting shareholder expectations and providing healthcare insurance coverage, which results in priorities sometimes being misplaced. Bob believes that being profitable is important, but there needs to be a balance between profitability and ensuring that patients have access to healthcare that is affordable.

No longer willing to stand by as an observer, and eager to spearhead innovative and actionable solutions, Bob formed Ventegra in 2003 and formally launched Ventegra in January 2004.

Bob says, “Ventegra’s long-term vision is to develop other integrated healthcare services and products that utilize new ways of doing business. Ventegra was born out of the realization that the current health care environment has a lot of infrastructure inertia.”

This inertia results from existing business models and delivery systems that mandate that revenues are derived from businesses behaving in a certain way. These behaviors have driven healthcare fragmentation, inefficiencies, misaligned incentives and administrative burden while doing little to improve the quality of care.

Rather than trying to fix this existing infrastructure, Ventegra was formed to create new channels in the delivery of healthcare that would be more efficient and less fragmented. For if we improve efficiencies and provide better integration, affordability, and access, the quality of care should improve.