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Ventegra is the new class of trade Pharmacy Services Administrator (PSA) designed to represent payors, providers, PBMs and government programs. Acting as a fully transparent contracting arm, we are able to control rising drug benefit costs through new approaches in Pharmacy Services Administration (PSA) services.

With Ventegra on your side, you can count on true transparency, which means that all discounts, rebates and other incentives are always fully disclosed. Payors will confidently know the true net cost of their drug purchases. As a Pharmacy Services Administrator (PSA), complete transparency is a fundamental principle in Ventegra's contracting philosophy.

Ventegra's Robo-Rebate℠ Makes All the Benefits Clear for Everyone.

For Payors:

With transparent access to all rebates and discounts, payors are better informed to make drug product selections that maximize savings. Ventegra's unique new Robo-Rebate technology provides payors with the true net cost for their purchases. By using Ventegra, payors are able to offer the greatest value and benefit to their membership, clients and patients.

For the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Through Ventegra, the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals through managed care rebates and other incentives are fully realized by those who are responsible for paying the bills. Ventegra's Robo-Rebate technology allows the pharmaceutical industry to validate and monitor claims, minimizing the need for costly audits.

For Providers:

Ventegra offers providers a wide variety of services with a focus on administrative simplification, increasing efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving quality of care. Ventegra enables providers to manage their financial risk while expanding their scope of services.

Ventegra offers contracts on a wide variety of Pharmacy Services Administration (PSA) services including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical products (including injectables), mail service, specialty pharmacy, claims processing and retail network management.

To maximize savings, the choice is clear.

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