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VENTEGRA NEWS June 29, 2021

Truth and Integrity: A Certified B Corporation

Ventegra was born on the bedrock of two core values — truth and integrity. These are also the values that form the cornerstone of today's most valued global businesses that meet the highest standards of public transparency, legal accountability, and verified social and environmental performance. In 2014, Ventegra was officially recognized as a global community leader when we earned the Certified B Corporation designation, further fueling Ventegra's mission to promote healthcare as a social good.

By performing at a top-tier set of guidelines, B Corps are integral to driving a global culture shift to build a more sustainable economy of socially responsible businesses. Ventegra's B Corp status reflects our company culture and the clients we attract, enhances our company manifesto, and advances our mission to promote healthcare as a social good.

As a Certified B Corporation, Ventegra provides something that is missing in the investment-driven marketplace: stability and consistency. Our commitment to maintain our standing in the B Corp community ensures that the societal and environmental ideals of Ventegra will remain intact for many years. We are proud to be at the forefront of leading corporations that prioritize balancing profit with purpose.

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