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VENTEGRA NEWS June 1, 2022

Ventegra Honored as Certified Green Business

Ventegra is pleased to announce that it has been honored by The City of Glendale as a certified Green Business. Recognized as a company that has continuously demonstrated its commitment to being environmentally conscientious, Ventegra achieved the "Efficiency" tier for the City of Glendale Green Business Program. This signifies that Ventegra has met the rigorous green business standards set by The City and The California Green Business Network (CAGBN), designating Ventegra as a leader in sustainability, both in policy and in practice.

Our company's operations adhere to a top tier set of guidelines, driving a global culture shift to build a more sustainable economy of socially responsible businesses. For instance, we are proud to be at the forefront of the first wave of fully remote businesses. By eliminating traditional daily commutes for our team, we give employees the flexibility to work from home while drastically reducing the corporate carbon footprint. Our virtual nature also enhances our ability to be productive using the latest telecommunications technology with our clients and industry partners, indirectly impacting their carbon footprint as well.

Ventegra supports like-minded companies and in doing so, we commit to purchasing from and partnering with other eco-friendly and socially responsible organizations. This broadens our impact. Our maintenance of sustainability measures for waste, bike parking, etc. in our Glendale office location contributes to corporate environmental efforts in the local Glendale community. Additionally, the City of Glendale Green Business Certification complements Ventegra's status as a Certified B Corporation, which further demonstrates our dedication to societal and environmental ideals.

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