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VSI Program Utilizes Ventegra's Clinical Infrastructure to Develop and Maintain an Evidence-Based Approach to Evaluating New Drugs for Formulary Inclusion

GLENDALE, CA –Ventegra, Inc., a Medical Benefit Manager (MBM) that delivers innovative, cost-efficient pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions to payors, providers, and members, today announced the successful implementation of the Ventegra Specialty Inclusion (VSI) program to maintain broad access for payors, providers, and members to beneficial medications at an affordable cost.

The VSI program underscores Ventegra's clinical infrastructure and heritage as a company managed and operated predominantly by healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and certified pharmacy technicians.

Mark Shinmoto, Pharm.D., Chief Pharmacy Officer, says, "The Ventegra Specialty Inclusion (VSI) program's capability is a vital and important new tool in Ventegra's ability to appropriately manage the utilization of the plethora of drugs being brought to market. It allows us to ensure that drugs with sufficient clinical effectiveness data (e.g., drugs that will be useful to the population served in actual practice) are available for members and payors."

Explains Dr. Shinmoto, "This mitigates the probability of members being prescribed drugs with limited evidence of benefit, while we continue to gather information on these products for clinical value."

In addition, a key benefit of the VSI program is its guidance to the pharmaceutical industry to provide evidence of clinical effectiveness. The FDA's initial drug approval process is based on evidence of safety and efficacy and lacks the key findings of clinical effectiveness.

Robert T. Taketomo, Pharm.D., MBA, President/CEO, explains, "The Ventegra Specialty Inclusion program reflects the clinical focus of Ventegra and our deep commitment to member care and managed care principles. Our MBM solution provides a rational and alternative approach to managing prescription drugs that doesn't automatically add every drug brought to market for coverage and expense to a payor's benefit program."

Adds Dr. Taketomo, "Our unique societal perspective on healthcare as we continue our transition into a nonprofit entity ensures that our stakeholders and community that we serve receives the right balance of access to medications, quality of care and cost. Our approach strives to maintain broad access to beneficial medications at an affordable cost for our members and payors. It is a difficult balance that is a core strength of Ventegra."

Ventegra remains the only Medical Benefit Manager that is transitioning into a nonprofit structure to ensure sustainability for the community it serves. It is managed and operated largely by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with a focus on providing an evidence-based approach to prescription drug coverage in both medical and pharmacy benefit programs. Unlike most traditional pharmacy benefit managers, Ventegra does not have any fiduciary commitment to shareholders and exists to serve and benefit its community.

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