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Ventegra In-Network Pharmacy Acquisition Cost Index (ACI)

Pricing information is updated daily and published here. For more information about processing, pricing, and payments please refer to the Ventegra Provider's Manual.

The contents contained in the reports accessed through the links on this page constitutes Ventegra Inc's confidential and proprietary information. By accessing the reports, the user represents that the user has the authorization of the Provider to do so and warrants that the user and the Provider will maintain the confidentiality of the information in the reports and use it only for the purposes permitted in the Provider Manual and otherwise as provided in the applicable agreement between the Provider and Ventegra, Inc.

Daily ACI Report (XLS)
Weekly ACI Update Report

Opening these files requires a password. For assistance with your password, please contact

Ventegra maintains an archive of ACI reports for 120 days. If you wish to view historical reports, please contact

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