Ventegra: A New Class of Trade (Medical Benefit Manager)

Ventegra is proud to be classified as the first of a new class-of-trade: Medical Benefit Manager (MBM). As an MBM, Ventegra’s Pharmacy Services Administration (PSA) program offers innovative solutions for cost-efficient pharmaceutical services that maximize benefits for payors, providers and patients. Our ideas push the boundaries of current practices in managing healthcare costs. We understand the unique needs and concerns of employers, managed care organizations (MCOs), providers (both pharmacy and medical), trade organizations and pharmaceutical industry that enables us to improve the way drug benefits are designed, delivered and managed. For example, unlike PBM’s, the Ventegra acquisition cost-based PSA solution provides payors with the assurance that what is billed to them is what was paid to the pharmacy. Unlike PBM’s, our proprietary Robo-Rebate process ensures 100% of available discounts (including rebates) are available to our clients on a MONTHLY basis and not siphoned off for other purposes. Our dedicated team of professionals helps our clients improve efficiencies, lower costs, and improve the overall quality of care.

B-Corp     Certified Minority Enterprise     Better Business Bureau Certified     California Small Business Certified Supplier #1785545     Ventegra is proud to have earned the distinction of APG corporate sponsor. APG corporate sponsors include health plans, pharmaceutical companies, and other related healthcare entities. One key reason these organizations join is to gain a better understanding of the state's healthcare delivery system. Corporate sponsors can become part of the action and get a closer glimpse of what's behind the scenes in healthcare. They also have the opportunity to work in partnership with leading physician groups nationwide. Corporate sponsors also receive timely updates on key issues and legislative activities impacting the healthcare industry.

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